Bush Gardens Tampa Bay

There are over 2000 people who provide care for the many animals at Discovery Cove, Sea World, and Busch Gardens Parks. These amazing people have dedicated their careers to helping both big and small animals. You can help out by making a donation. All of the money donated will go directly towards animal rescue, conservation educational programs throughout the United States and the world, habitat protection, and so much more. Unlike many other foundations that require a percentage of your donation to go towards administration, this very important foundation will put every penny that you donate directly into the fund.

Busch Gardens in Tampa bay has a very interactive website that can help you to do your part to preserve the animals in our beautiful world. For example, you can go to the webpage “Everyday Actions” and explore their awesome educational site. In fact, just by going to this webpage shows that you have a definite interest in conservation. Busch Gardens thanks you for your visit but they want you to do more. What do they want you to do? They want you to do only one thing different each week that will help to save natural resources. Then, once you have gotten into the habit of doing this once every week it will not only help to save the earth’s natural resources but it will also make you happy.

There is also an exciting, interactive webpage at SeaWorld that each day will allow you to track your behaviors that will benefit the environment. You can follow the conservation gang on Facebook for timely wildlife conservation news and animal stories from around the world. The key is simply to get going and you will be surprised at how much your interest in the environment continues to grow, day by day.

One interesting article talked about following the advice of a kindergarten teacher. The teacher had informative and practical advice that everyone should follow. The advice was simply to leave every location that you visit cleaner than when you arrived. Also, make sure you continually clean up after yourself. Remember this fact when picnicking, boating, fishing, strolling through the wetlands or enjoying a walk along the lakeside.

Yes, if you have an opportunity when in Tampa Bay to visit Busch Gardens then take some time to appreciate all of the work that goes into taking care of the many beautiful animals that call Busch gardens their home.